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KoTOR 2 questions (with minor spoilers)
« on: April 16, 2005, 04:41:23 AM »
Yes, I went and bought part 2. Currently playing a Light Side Consular, who is around level 13 or so. Using an upgraded vibrosword (I love the creation part of this game) and making a Dueller (as far as Consulars can Duel), which brings me to my first question.

When does the lightsaber become available for use? I know I have to build one; are the parts on specific planets, or do they become available on the first planet you head to? I'm pretty sure I know where to get crystals, and I have a part from the Ithorian on Telos, bought a green light crystal and found a lens. Somewhat related, are the HK droid parts located on specific planets, or do they become available anywhere? I've got the vocabulator and control cluster so far.

Second, are all of the folks who can train you further in the Force obvious? The Ithorian on Telos made it pretty clear, and the reward wasn't too terribly bad (5 free FP, a drop in the bucket but it's the thought that counts). Are all of the trainings/"healings" FP-related, or do you learn new Force powers? I note that on my power list that some of the powers say "some powers can not be learned by normal means" or somesuch.

Third, prestige classes. Are these learned at a pre-determined point, like when you become a Jedi on Dantooine in KotOR, or is it level-based like in NWN? Okay, not exactly like NWN.

Last - any particular order I should visit planets in to pick up companions? Kreia's experience boost is nice, and Atton (who I've turned into a Carth-esque double blaster gunslinger) is pretty good but Bao-Dur seems to beat him straight-out (plus he's got that whole "speak softly but look like a bad-ass" thing going on).
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