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Cave of Songs
« on: March 13, 2004, 06:38:01 AM »
Hullo to y'all, let me introduce myself, my name is Timothy VanDross, and I would like to tell you all about a story like no other, a story of a a forest, a cave, and a spirit...

It is said that the dark forest of Grimwood is home to the most foul of creatures, and few who enter its gloomy depths ever return. Those who have speak of horse-sized wolves with eyes of glowing embers, of giants whose footsteps make the very earth tremble, and yes, even of dragons that breathe fiery death. But most famous among these tales is that of the Cave of Songs, a howling abyss where even the beasts of the forest dare not enter. It is said that within the cave lives a spirit so ancient as to predate the mountains themselves, a spirit mad with sorrow and hatred. No one knows what riches may be found within its lair. Until now, only the bards have explored the mysteries of the cave, but only in songs and poetry.

My self, being an adventurer of great skill and prowess, has recently located such a cave, and seek to set out, with a group of companions to explore the treasure that surely lies in the depths of such a cave.

I seeks three fine companions to accompany myself. There shall be no payment upfront, and no refund to your loved ones in case of death, wheather accidental of intential.


Any takers? I was just browsing the NW vault and stumbled upon this mod: It looks like a mod that could be really fun to play through as a group.

I would like to play the game in character, actually role-playing through it.

Would anyone be interested in setting up a group?

I shall be playing Timothy VanDross, famous rogue and theirf extraordinaire ;)