Author Topic: Digs up corpse: new edition now on steam, and free if you own titan quest!(steam  (Read 1351 times)


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Will anyone scroll this far to see it? First post in 5 years almost here lol

I'm installing, it has achievements lol, maybe i'll play once i've finished with D3 journey ..


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My son loves this game and I will probably get it for him.

Sadly I can't read the link at work.  Need to checkout if I can get it for free.


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If you already own TQ + IT on Steam, TQ:AE is free.

Nice to see that multiplayer is supported via Steam (instead of GameSpy or TCP/IP); I might give this another spin.


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I never got this game back in the day.  Is it worth picking up?


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It is pretty good.  Unfortunately I never had this game on steam.  Only a hard copy, so I no gets for free I guess.


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I only have it on hard copy, unplayed.  So I guess there's no added incentive.  Figures.  lol
Maybe I'll buy it anyway.

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Banged around on this a bit. If you get it for free, go for it. Otherwise, buy Grim Dawn instead - same devs and they took the best parts of TQ and used those ideas as the core and created a far better ARPG. Plus a more interesting setting.

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