Author Topic: DDO on steam now, with expac for sale....  (Read 4167 times)


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DDO on steam now, with expac for sale....
« on: June 26, 2012, 06:07:38 AM »
I had uninstalled DDO cause it kinda faded away for me, but now being on steam, I'm wonder if it'll be worth keeping an eye out for sales on the expac or other upgrade packs. Though I never got a character past level 7 or 8, would be nice to try out the druid (not to mention never got to the artificer, being a premium and not wanting to put more money into the game after going VIP a month for unlocks/TP)

I kinda groaned inside when I saw the expac would be the Underdark, but the actual underdark areas are for epic level right? so I'm definitely not wanting the $49 price tag just to play the druid, and maybe someday get to the expac content.   :rofl:

though looking deeper at the expac "bundle", there's a lot there. The classic quest packs they include are ones I did not unlock via TP when I played it, so there's a bonus. The experience boost is pretty neat for someone who's never gotten past level gives me hope and the upgrade for veteran status is included(i've done the beginner island waaaay to many times :lol: :lol:), plus the 1k TP, so i could unlock more content.

So yea...i'll be watching for it to go on a sale. hopefully not over the July 4th week, cause we'll be out of town with little-no internet access for the week. 
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