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Re: Mass Effect : general, spoiler-free advice
« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2009, 04:34:19 AM »
It was the video drivers. I realized I was still using the Omega drivers from two years ago (last time they got updated). Switched to the newest Asus drivers and the freezing has stopped. Occasionally stutters in a cutscene, but it doesn't crash the game.

And then I got antsy, and replaced my video card and processor, and this game is fucking awesome now. Everything on high, no slowdown during combat, and it looks great. I especially love the particle effects during combat - makes it feel a little more tense with people blasting away in every direction. I'm loving it.  :D
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Re: Mass Effect : general, spoiler-free advice
« Reply #16 on: December 03, 2009, 02:10:03 AM »
I realize I didn't update this topic at all.

Finally finished the game last week-end, with an Infiltrator whose main creed was "Shoot first, ask questions after, if anyone answers, proceed to step one.".

It's a mixed bag. I rather enjoyed it, but it has some quite annoying flaws, which if theyre not fixed in ME2 may put me off it, or still make me wait to gety it at ridiculously low price years after.

I loved the general universe. Really good space opera. And the main story really got me hooked.

The fight system is not very well balanced (but then, I didn't bother with the last difficulty settings). The beginning felt quite hard when your powers are all on ridiculous cooldowns and one enemy shoot tears your shield away. By the end, my Infiltrator had a 100% uptime on immunity, and I could just stand there, and one-shoot whoever was shooting at me with my ridiculously buffed sniper rifle (I went for silly rails and bullets combination which means that I overheat in one shoot, which doesn't make a huge difference for sniper anyways, but said shot would take down just about anything, and knockdowned enemies in a large area). If enemy doesn't want to get out, I just unleashed Shield overload+Sabotage+Damping and it was dead anyways.

The secondary missions are horribly tedious and repetitive, especially for a "100%" obessed person as me. As it means every single landablme planet I explored the whole map, every little nook and cranny.  Which is relatively uninteresting, and can't even be justified by good storylines, most usually fit in a sentence and three lines in your journal.

So I enjoyed myself, but will be expecting for improvements on this last point for ME2.