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Attention new arrivals/visitors.
« on: August 24, 2006, 04:22:23 AM »
Welcome to Gamers Oasis! :)

Gamers Oasis was founded by a core of ex, and many not so ex ;), DiabloII SP players. Visit The Pandemonium Fortress if you are still addicted to this drug. Others have joined our ranks through various games, and word of mouth. Most of us are casual gamers, but we do have our share of serious fanatics, devoted to any one of the games represented by the various forums.

Please be aware we are friends first and gamers second. Our focus is on having fun together, both in game and on the forums. The folks that stick around are the ones that find our focus on community refreshing, and want to become a part of it. Speaking of which a great place to get started on that is right here.
Most of the rules are your usual forum fare, but you'll notice our attitude is a bit more relaxed than you may be used to. Don't take that as license to be rude or abusive. Except to Lego

So wander around, peek into some of the goings on here, and get a feel for who we are. Then do as the guide suggests, seek out The Banshee's Wail pull up a stool and let us know who you are. We can't wait to meetcha.

And as always,
Have fun out there!
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