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NWN2 problems
« on: March 13, 2007, 10:23:44 AM »
Last week I had some problems with my pc and I had to format and re-install everything.  Because of my lack of creating decent back-ups all my save games for NWN2 where gone and I had to restart completely.  As if that is not enough now the game won't run anymore on my pc!  
It used to run without a problem (ok not on the highest graphical settings but it worked).  And now I'm having problems with graphics in such order it became unplayable.  And when I now check they tell me my viedo card  isn't good enough,  where they used to say it was.
I have an ASUS Radeon 9600SE 128Mb.

Can anyone help me out here or is there no other option then to get another videocard?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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NWN2 problems
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 11:01:06 AM »
Are you running the same drivers for your video card that you had before?  Come to that, same drivers for sound card?  I'd bet your problem is one of those.

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NWN2 problems
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2007, 12:45:40 PM »
I first downloaded newer drivers and installed them, with them it was barely playable,  with lots of flickering and misformed shadows.
Later I found back my old drivers and installed them also and now, I can get throug the character creation as it was before, but once I start playing everything remains black.
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NWN2 problems
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2007, 12:53:16 PM »
In all fair honesty, if you can even get it to start with a 9600SE you're doing better than most. (SE is ATI's version of Nvidia's LE - in enthusiast circles, it's said to stand for "Shitty Edition").

You really might want to look into an upgrade if you're planning to play graphics intense games like NWN2. I don't know if you've ever made it as far as the city of Neverwinter in this game yet, but that makes my 7800GS crawl - I can only imagine how it does with an old card like that one.

The problem with "blackness" and stuff is usually a shader rendering issue. The 9600SE simply can't handle the shader intensiveness of NWN2 (this is the same reason Nvidia FX-series cards beg for mercy).

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NWN2 problems
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2007, 01:42:20 PM »
I used to have no problems what so ever with performance (if I didn't ask to much of it graphic-wise), the only issues I used to have were with shadows (I had constant flickerings on my characters)

I was nearly at the end with one of my characters,  she just reforged the silver sword.  If I ever get it running again, I'm going to have to start all over.

Since I don't play many games on my pc and the games I do play are usually older ones,  I'm not really sure if upgrading my video card is really worth it.  But then again,  I was pretty hooked up till now   :P
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