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Title: Ranger Help
Post by: BubbleTough on October 24, 2004, 03:18:47 PM
I started a Ranger in the OC, he has a detailed story to go with him but I'll not bore you with such trifles. He uses duel Sickles, with a Longbow for getting the first shot in. I've been putting all of my points into Animal Empathy ("No Mr. Bloodsailor, you can't have that Dire Boar"), Set Trap, and Discipline. Then I've been splitting the rest into Move Silently, Hide, Listen, Spot and Heal. Feats so far are Power Attack, Cleave and Dodge. Others that I am looking for are Weapon Focus, Knockdown, Toughness (maybe, I have Con of 12), Weapon Finesse (again maybe), Point Blank Shot (maybe #3), and Rapid Shot (maybe #4).

As of now these are my stats-

Str: 14
Dex: 17
Con: 12
Wis: 14
Int: 10
Cha: 10

I decided to get my Dex to at least 18 for the +4 bonus as I will probably be using Hide/Studded Armor for the rest of the game. After that I'm not sure where to put them, Con for more life? Str for more damage or better to hit? If I put points into Str will I need Weapon Finesse? I'm also curious if points into Wis beyond 14 will be helpful, I don't know how to calculate spells per day so I am not sure how beneficial it will be to him. I should also mention that I plan on keeping young Logan a pure Ranger.

And concerning Animal Companions, what are they? Yes, I know they are your companion, but are they created the same as a familiar is? Speaking of which, what is a familiar? I have always thought Animal Companions to be real life, organic, creatures while familars are energy created by the Wizard or Sorcerer. This question really only needs to be answered for my own sanity.
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: Lego on October 24, 2004, 05:08:44 PM
If you're topping out at 18 Dex, I'd start pumping str. after that.

For favored enemies, try to use it for resistant or tough enemies. Undead should always be your first choice, and elementals should go in there at some point, as should constructs.

For gameplay purposes, familiars and companions are very similar. Try not to rely on yours as a Ranger, though, because it will always be comparatively underpowered. I like to get the badger, myself, for the sneak attack ;-) Spider is another good choice. As for the RP difference, a familiar is as real as a companion, but more closely bound to the person.

For feats, I'd recommend against Weapon FInnesse if you're topping out dex at 18. Since a typical ranger isn't going to be a devcriter, I'd also recommend against weapon focus, and instead use whatever the best weapons you've found are at the time.
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: Vireyar on October 24, 2004, 06:44:14 PM
I am a huge, huge fan of Rangers. Have been since the days of Baldur's Gate, where Tori would carry around that nice bastard sword from Cloakwood (where all the spiders are) and a warhammer (later dual-wielded in BG2 thanks to the bug in the beginning of the game that let you drop all your stuff before it got taken away).

Favoured enemies of mine are undead, vermin (because I freaking hate spiders), dragons, constructs and werecreatures (because I hate them, too). If you really want to powergame it, throw in humans instead of werecreatures - you fight a heap and a half of them.

Anyway, stick with one set of weapons. Rangers need decent Strength and Dex, so I'm a fan of Weapon Focus to get the most out of my chosen weapon, which are either dual longswords or hammers. Still need to make a bastard sword user; maybe I'll do that soon-ish, or in NWN 2 if I get that. Anyway, you'll need every little bit if your offhand weapon isn't light. I get Dex to 16 and use items to boost it afterwards; Strength gets everything else (also boosted with items) as long as Con is also 16. Speaking of which, you need more Con :P Rangers aren't naturally well-suited to being tanks, and in the SP OCs, you're about the only tank you have, so your HP needs to go up up up. Toughness isn't bad for this, but there are better Feat choices.

Speaking of Feats - with the number of attacks you'll have per round with two weapons and Haste, Knockdown won't be quite as useful except against spellcasters. So you might consider taking it, as dual-wielding lowers your attack roll and consequently your chances of breaking a spellcaster's concentration. If you have either expansion, get Greater Cleave, because it's freaking awesome. And if you have HotU, Bane of Enemies (I think that's the name) will make you a killing machine against your favoured enemies.

Keep Wisdom at 14, because Ranger spells really aren't very good at all. The ones I end up using most were Greater Magic Fang and Camouflage, with some of the Cure Wounds spells at lower levels when I was running out of/wanting to save potions and kits.

Your companion - I've always favoured the Panther. Only because I dislike all the other choices. I'll usually only bring out the companion for a big battle, though.
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: BubbleTough on October 24, 2004, 07:03:53 PM
Str and Con, check. I'll fire up Leto and redirect that Dex point later (only Level 4 atm). I didn't really plan to use Weapon Finesse anyways as nearly every melee character I have uses or has used Weapon Finesse, time to mix it up a bit. I'll get Con to 14, then Str to 16, and that should be fine. If I make it into the Epic Levels I'll pump Con to 16.

I'm sure I'm going to focus on one set of weapons, whether that is Sickles now or different ones later. I'm still experimenting with which weapons look the most bad ass

Favored Enemies: I've already chosen Orc for RP purposes and was thinking of chosing Beast, Animal, or Humans for the same reasons. I could stretch those any way really. Vermin is a keen idea though as Spiders enjoy devouring all my characters. I'm not interested in powergaming, but I'm also not interested in getting stomped.

I'm still undecided on my companion, but it will probably be a badger or wolf. Animal Empathy will probably serve better most of the game though. And when I talked of familiars vs. companions, I know they are relatively the same I just wanted to know what exactly they were considered RP wise.

So nix the Weapon Finesse and Toughness, and yay to Weapon Focus and Knockdown. Any opinions on the bow feats? It will mostly be used as a secondary weapon so beyond Point Blank and Rapid Shot, I doubt I'd put any more Feats towards it.

Wow, you guys are so smart. :wink:
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: Vireyar on October 24, 2004, 07:59:50 PM
Oh right, ye olde bowe ... just Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot are fine. If you're really hurting to spend a Feat but don't have any other good choices, Weapon Focus would help but is far far far from necessary (and Toughness would be a better choice, anyway).
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: SirWarkof on October 25, 2004, 09:10:33 AM
Just for you, Bubble (And the sexy, sexy avatar. Roraschach <3), I'll go check my DM Guide..

Basically, an animal companion is just that. A furry critter  (Of course, thanks to a  certian bipedal who spoke in german, and was mostly furry around the cranial area, the amount of fur is wholly relative, so we really shouldn't use these terms. However, r's are fun letters, so I'll say a happy "NI" to modern physics) with a happy disposition toward the odd bipedal chap who spends time in the critter's territory, when "hugging trees" is a fairly correct description of said bipedal's activities, as a whole.

Sure, there may be impaling some slightly miffed, pointy-bits wielding bipedals on a different set of pointy bits every now and then, but mostly, the resident bipedal seems content at showering the large green things with his everlasting, and quite tangible, love.

Somehow, our multi-legged hero discovers he happens to have pointy bits of his very own, which seem to be quite adept at lopping 'ff heads, even without the british accent. So he joins the bipedal in a search for trees to hug. And heads to lop.

Should the amount of head-loppong and, thanks to the dynamic dou, orphaned pointy bits belonging to other people, be insufficient, the animal will, infact, run off, and go find heads to lop with a different tree hugger. One who'll be, hopefully, a better cook,

It's a one-quadruped mission to rectify the situation where disgruntled people are  running around with pointy bits with no intention to fall on them and poke their eye out, even though their mother has told them a thousand times.

Also, this'll end in tears.

A familiar, however, is also a furry critter. Only he doesn't really have a choice between to competative bipedals. Actually, he does, but the hostile takeover will no doubt result in a serve lack of pointy bits attached to the creature. Statistics, y'know. Take off X parts, some of which probably have the mandatory claws and teeth that come with this model.

Or too many pointy bits left, although this does depend on who's viewpoint, and on wether they were attached to tthe creature prior to his frank exchange of ideas about employment.

Also, those who summon familiers tend to only be aware of trees after a rather tragic situation which usually has "What duck?" somewhere along the line.
Title: Ranger Help
Post by: BubbleTough on October 25, 2004, 04:49:07 PM
Just because your post was oh-so informative, I will overlook the fact that you mispelled Rorschach.