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Title: DA:I Spoilers Discussion
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Since I've finished the game I figured I'd post some initial thoughts about where the game goes and what I did to get there, and once other people finish it we can compare and talk about what they might do in future installments.

List of things I really liked about the story:
How the Morrigan/Old God Baby was handled - For the most part Morrigan stole every scene she was in, but if you romanced Morrigan and followed her through the mirror in Witch Hunt, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how it turned out, and there's still so much more to resolve.
The Mage Storyline - The future part wasn't as bleak as it could've been, until you ran into Leliana that is.  Overall I thought it was very well done, although the last bit where your character actually sees the Elder One but you, the player, don't, is kinda weird.  I haven't started the Templar side yet.
Foreshadowing - I was onto Blackwall immediately, considering some of the things he says.  Was in Fereldan during the Blight?  Nope, otherwise Loghain would've killed him.  Anyone can kill an Archdemon?  Nope, requires Grey Wardens.  He even says afterwards "I was hoping you didn't know enough to contradict me", and it's true that your character wouldn't know any of that stuff either, but you as the player would.  I also liked the Anagrammed companion quest for Solas "All New, Faded For Her" that rearranges to "Dread Wolf Fen'Harel"
Grey Warden NPC - If Loghain was made to be a Warden and is alive, he is Hawke's warden friend.  If Alistair is still a Grey Warden (Anora became Queen), then Alistair is instead.  And if Loghain is dead and Alistair is King, Stroud (seen briefly in DA2) is.  Pretty cool way to handle it.  And in all 3 cases you can make them sacrifice themselves instead of Hawke.
Tie-Ins with the Novels/Comics - Bianca, Fiona, Cole, Vivienne, Imshael, all come from the novels they've been writing the last few years.  Wait, ALISTAIR IS HALF-ELVEN?!  I wonder if Fiona realized in my game that her Grandson was roaming the same castle. 

My list of choices on my first playthrough (Female Warden Queen w/Alistair, Alistair had Old God baby with Morrigan, Female Hawke pro-mage, both very nice/good):
Male Human Warrior (Trevelyan), mostly diplomatic, some humor
Mage path
Let mages be independent group
Saved as many wardens as possible
Let Stroud die
Made Cole more Human
Saved the Bull's Chargers
Saved Celene and she rules alone (wanted to reunite her with Briala but I couldn't find enough Halla statues to open all the doors and find other evidence)
Let Morrigan drink from the well
Softened Leliana
Romanced Cassandra
Convinced Cassandra to rebuild the Seekers
Leliana becomes Divine (if you stop her from killing all 3 times, she apparently becomes a utopian divine and is able to convince everyone to agree to her changes and it more or less leads to a new golden age, otherwise everyone resists and it makes things worse)
Completed all companion quests (all on at least neutral terms, most on very good terms)

The ending (post-credits) is somewhat open to interpretation as to what happens between Solas and Flemeth.  Apparently most people assumed Flemeth was possessing Solas, even though she already said it has to be voluntary.  I took it that, since Solas is the trickster Fen'Harel who hunts for any escaped elven gods that he imprisoned in the first place, he killed or absorbed her power.  At the start of that scene you see Flemeth messing with the mirror, and that could've been her somehow hiding the Old God soul so Solas couldn't have it (assuming it exists in your playthrough).  It's also possible they joined into one body voluntarily together, since Flemeth has shown the ability to come back after losing her main body anyway (if you kill her in DA:O).

They also leave what happens to the Warden and Hawke open-ended as well.  If you choose Hawke to die, you don't actually see them die (though they'd be trapped in the Fade), and if you let whatever Warden companion you have die, Hawke disappears on the way to Weisshaupt.  You only get to send a letter to your Warden as they are searching for a way to cure the Calling, but they could easily come back.

Thoughts on companions:
Cassandra - Loved her, liked the romance scene a lot (gasp, real nudity?), down to earth and quite lovable with how romantic she actually is.
Solas - Well done overall, though I don't know if I will ever play as a Female Elf and see how the romance scenes change your perception of him.
Varric - Nothing special here, better in DA2, though I liked the Bianca quest and was honestly quite surprised to see her show up.
Blackwall - Boring except for his quest which still resolves rather easily.
Iron Bull - Gets most of the best dialogue though I almost never used him.
Sera - Sometimes funny but often ridiculously annoying because she's literally stupid and chooses to be so.
Vivienne - Don't like her, quests weren't interesting, is a bitch to everyone except Iron Bull.
Dorian - Overall best character in the game, probably.
Cole - Comes from one of the novels I think.  Very interesting character, most of his ramblings have hidden meanings or aren't obvious who they are referring to.
Cullen - Kinda straight forward but I'm glad he was more level-headed like he was in DA2 and not like DA:O.  The wicked grace and chess scenes were great.
Josephine - Hard not to like her, which is kinda the point of an Ambassador. 
Leliana - Overall I liked her a lot, LOVE her armor design though.  Only problem is she has much less to say overall than the other 2, and never seems to add any insight into Morrigan or other people from DA:O (except a brief mention of Zevran if you are a Rogue Assassin and obviously the Warden if she was the romance)
Harding - Aww, Ali Hillis, how I do love your voice, but sadly your character can only be flirted with and nothing comes of it
Dagna - Little Ms. Perky returns, and I wish she had a lot more dialogue
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Post by: Sssith on December 10, 2014, 08:45:07 AM

I'll join in once I get done with the story.  Which, at my pace, might be a couple of months.

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Post by: narsica on December 12, 2014, 09:07:17 AM
Agree with pretty much everything above. Morrigan was amazing (my Warden had romanced her and followed her through the Eluvian), her scenes were easily some of the best in the game. Claudia Black does awesome work, best VO in the game. I used mainly Varric, Cassandra, and Solas in my party, with some Blackwall, Sera and Dorian mixed in. Sera's banter was awesome, particularly with Solas and Cassandra.

I thought the story and characters blew even DA:O out of the water.
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Post by: narsica on December 12, 2014, 09:27:10 AM
Also, while I was a little unsure of Bioware's choice for all characters to have defined sexual orientation (as opposed to playersexual, as in DA2), I was totally on board with it by the end. And the inclusion of a decent trans character was fucking awesome.
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Post by: maxbeedo on December 12, 2014, 04:32:14 PM
I thought the story and characters blew even DA:O out of the water.

I wouldn't go that far, if only because there's too much unresolved here, whereas DA:O only really had the Morrigan Baby and that's it.  DA:O had one of the most complete and satisfying endings in any game ever, and each choice made in the game actually affects the final sequence and ending, but it doesn't here.  It has a lot of unrealized potential so to speak, later installments may make this one super important story-wise.  Character-wise I'd say DA:I's characters are certainly more real, but maybe slightly less entertaining, if only because characters like Oghren, Shale, Wynne, Sten, Zevran, etc. were such caricatures of extreme stereotypes (this is fantasy after all), so I give the slight nod to DA:O overall, with the tie-breaker being that it had the harder task of setting up the history and lore of the world (and an absolute overabundance of it for a new IP).
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I thought the story and characters blew even DA:O out of the water.


I'm tempted to say this puts DAI above Mass Effect on my game love-o-meter but I'm gonna let that idea simmer a bit.

Romanced Sera. Sera is the best thing. <3

Next playthrough: female elf, time to romance Solas and see how that plays out.

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Post by: Kasferatu on January 07, 2015, 01:04:15 PM
I think I got a reasonably decent ending.  Had Cassandra as the new Divine bringing about a golden age.  Orlais seemed to be doing fine with the Empress ruling supported by the Elf.  On the downside, the Inquisition mages set up a new group and there is risk of war between them and the circle.  The Grey Wardens also seem to have fragmented and almost be at war.

No idea what to make of the post credit scene, but sadly I did have that spoilered for me so it didn't come as a surprise.

I feel like I have missed out a bit by not pursuing the oldgod baby line from Origins.  In my world none of that happened.

I was also a touch disappointed by the lack of finding out what happened to some characters.  Does Iron Bull return to his homeland? Does Varric do anything at all (he wasn't even at the party)?  Maybe they are saving the stories for these characters for future DLC.
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Does Iron Bull return to his homeland?

Unless you let him sacrifice his crew to save the qunari dreadnought (you monster), he can't. Ever.

Does Varric do anything at all (he wasn't even at the party)?

Varric is Varric. He probably goes back to running the family business and writing novels.